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Local Kombucha

One out of two times, I ask that question I get that answer. The other half of the time, I get an enthusiastic “Yes!” from a Nashville hipster who loves kombucha, especially kombucha on tap locally.

Sade Meeks, MS, RD


One out of two times, I ask that question I get that answer. The other half of the time, I get an enthusiastic “Yes!” from a Nashville hipster who loves kombucha, especially kombucha on tap locally.

Whether or not you can relate to person one or two more, I think it’s fair that I give you a brief definition of kombucha. It is not alcohol, it is not vinegar, and it is not a supplement. It is simply sweet tea fermented. Hence the word “simply.” Kombucha is fermented tea in its most simple form, but it’s kicked up a notch when other herbal teas, natural flavors, spices, and juices are added.

Some people drink kombucha because of its health benefits; some drink it for its taste. Suppose you’re like me, you drink it for both of those reasons. Kombucha’s leading health benefits are noted in its probiotic live cultures. Probiotics are found in some fermented foods, but they are also naturally found in our bodies. The majority of them are found in our GI, more specifically the colon. Our probiotics help support a balanced gut, and a balanced gut is a healthy gut! But it is very easy for our gut to get out of balance due to its sensitivity. Our gut bacteria composition can easily be altered by the environment, smoking, age, antibiotics, and especially our diet. So, many people buy their probiotics, in the form of foods or supplements, to help restore balance in the gut.

When it comes to food, probiotics can be found in fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha. However, make a note, not all fermented foods contain probiotics. To be considered a probiotic, the food has to contain sufficient live bacteria that survive processing, and the bacteria that survive the processing must benefit human health. With those requirements in mind, I have to say; not all kombuchas are created equally. Many commercial kombuchas are pasteurized, thus killing many of the live probiotics. Additionally, some companies will add in synthesized probiotics to the kombucha so they can still advertise “billions of live cultures.”

You see, sometimes, it is just hard to know what you are getting with processed kombuchas in the big-name grocery stores. So here’s my advice, buy your komboocha locally when you can. Local products are typically less processed.

I’m happy to mention that two Nashville local brands Booch and Walker Brothers pride themselves on no pasteurization, thus preserving the live cultures in the product! Walker Brothers sell their products online and offer free doorstep delivery in Nasvhille. Booch is sold in many local Nashville shops, like E+Wellness Café. A full list can be found on their website. You can also contact them if you’re interested in kombucha on tap.

Speaking of “on tap,” Here are some places where you can fill up your growler and purchase kombucha on tap locally.

Float Nashville: Float Nashville is a local spa and wellness place that offers kombucha on tap. For CBD fans, some of their daily selections include CBD infused kombucha.

Turnip Truck: Turnip Truck is a full-service grocery store with three locations in Nashville. The East Nashville location is right in the heart of the historic Edgefield neighborhood. Here you can make use of the growler filling station for kombucha and beer.

High Garden, honorable mention: This is our very special honorable mention because though the shop on Woodland no longer exists, the High Garden legacy lives on.

“On March 3, 2020, a class F4 tornado pulled the shop from its roots and flew it for 100s of miles. We like to think that it became part of nature on that fateful day. That it burst open ready to become something anew all the while planting seeds from torn open bags of herbs that will come to life for years to come.”- Leah and Joel

Though we can’t walk into the magical, community filled, “hobbit hole,” and fill up our growler with our favorite kombucha, we are still able to enjoy the presence of High Garden in other ways. High Garden has an online store where owners Leah and Joel sell local teas and herbal infusions. They also offer herb guidance consults in addition to different educational workshops. Leah and Joel aren’t sure what the next installment of High Garden will look like, but they’re sure it will take on a new form. As they eagerly await the vision, so do we.




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