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Activate your InnerG

Learn how to activate your "InnerG" from the newest yoga and juice studio coming to North Nashville!

Sade Meeks, MS, RD


Have you ever found yourself searching for a place where you felt like you were represented and included? For Chief Juiceista and Head Yogini, Nielah, that was her story. Nielah moved to Nashville by way of Atlanta, and when she arrived, she struggled to find a yoga studio where she felt represented and included. Though disappointed, Nielah did not allow this to halt her health and wellness journey. Instead, it empowered her to take control of it, and while in front of the steering wheel, she soon arrived at the door of Egyptian Yoga. Egyptian Yoga was new to Nielah, but as she learned and practiced, she fell in love with it for many reasons, one being that through this ancient practice, she saw herself. It soon inspired her to create a space where all body sizes, fitness levels, and skin colors were included. Talk about representation! Her passion began to spill over, and after many years and some birthing pangs, this vision began to manifest. InnerG Juice and Yoga was born.

InnerG Juice and Yoga is a one-stop-shop for your juicing needs and yoga flow. The studio offers handcrafted, cold-pressed juices as well as diverse yoga experiences. After engaging in a session of Egyptian Yoga, you can hydrate on InnerGOAT, one of Nielah's first and favorite juices. But maybe Trap Yoga is more your thing? No problem. It's understood at InneG that "There's levels to this shift." So, The diversity that Nielah once longed for is reflected in the diverse offerings of yoga classes and juice types for all different levels of yogis and taste pallets. They've even created a system called level G, a simple way to decide which juice or yoga flow is right for you.

InnerG is all about juice and Yoga. However, their mission goes beyond the kitchens of the juicers and floors of the yoga mats. They're on a mission to build better habits that make better people who develop better communities. Historically, systemic racism has contributed to inequitable access to grocery stores, health care, and wellness spaces among many African American communities. So, the core of their mission is about making wellness spaces more accessible to all communities. InnerG aims to help bridge this gap in many ways, one by going outside of the studio's walls. They have plans to launch Vitality Zones, wellness pit-stops serviced by cold-pressed juice vending machines, and pop up yoga sessions servicing the Nashville community!

The community is the "why" behind InnerG Juice and Yoga, so it is just so perfect that the studio will be among some other excellent black-owned businesses in North Nashville. Literally in their backyard, you can find Slim and Husky’s, The Southern V, Willie B’s, and Minerva. So, the next time you're on your way to pick up a V-thang Slim pizza, make a mental note of the studio. Space is still under construction, but the vision is coming together. And as things continue to unfold and come together, we hope to give you an exclusive sneak peek of its opening. The opening date is being planned for the Spring! However, you can order your juice from home or schedule a virtual yoga sesh in the meantime. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and activate your Inner G!




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Sade Meeks, MS, RD
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