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80/20 Fitness

As I pass the blue wall, which is home to the iconic, colorful hot air balloon, I take time for a photo op. I also leap for joy because I know that just a few steps ahead of me is one gym I’ve been longing to visit – that is 80/20...

Sade Meeks, MS, RD


As I pass the blue wall, which is home to the iconic, colorful hot air balloon, I take time for a photo op. I also leap for joy because I know that just a few steps ahead of me is one gym I’ve been longing to visit – that is 80/20 fitness! 80/20 fitness is a local gym studio owned by couple Kevin and Jade Bazille. 80/20 Fitness was founded on the ideals that a healthy lifestyle requires 80 percent nutrition and mindset and 20 percent fitness. The Bazille’s ditch the fad diets and shortcuts to encourage their clients to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes require more than just a good workout regimen and meal prepping. The Bazille’s agree it takes accountability, focus, intentionality, and a positive MINDSET. In fact, they know first hand what an impact a shift in mindset can make!

Kevin admits that before 80/20 was born, his focus was everywhere. Though he has always had a passion for fitness, which stemmed from his love for sports, fitness wasn’t always his focus. Before 80/20 fitness was established, Kevin had multiple jobs or side hustles. He was even selling hair at one point! The entrepreneurial spirit was deep in him, but for him to be fulfilled and make a significant impact, the first mindset that he had to shift was his own. Kevin gladly credits Jade with helping him make that shift. His partner in crime, business partner, and wife supported him as he narrowed his focus and chose his calling. They both believe changing lives is their calling, and 80/20 fitness is the outlet in which they do so!

The accountability they have established in their relationship is undoubtedly reflected in their business practice. Each 80/20 fitness client can count on the support of their coaches, Kevin and Jade. It is their priority that they develop a client-coach relationship with everyone who walks into their doors. From sending accountability texts throughout the week to encouraging monthly weigh-ins, these are just a couple of ways the Bazille’s will keep you accountable. Additionally, the workout space is filled with visual reminders that will encourage you to maintain a positive mindset. Upon entering, to the right, you will see their word wall. The wall is filled with quotes from clients to inspire themselves and others. On the other side of the room is the selfie wall. After each workout, the client takes a picture, and it is later posted to the wall. The wall is a visual example of each client’s transformation. More motivation!

Clients aren’t the only ones who need motivation. With the ups and downs that come with running a business and just navigating 2020, Kevin and Jade make sure they also put certain practices in place that will ensure they maintain a positive mindset. When asked about things they do to maintain positivity, they expressed similar interest. They meditate, have date-nights, work out, and keeping the end goal end mind when things get hectic.

Their positive attitude is definitely contagious and showed during my visit! I got to sample the 80/20 Fitness experience with a few exercises. Kevin and Jade took me through Deadlift Hammer Curls, Kneeling Rotation Shoulder Press, Weighted Lunges, and Squat Jump Ab Crunches. Through the demonstrations, each coach was very detailed, as well as informative. I learned that many of the exercises engage the core and also promote good posture. I also appreciated the positive feedback when my technique improved! You will appreciate the expertise they both share. Kevin and Jade are accepting clients for group classes and personal training. COVID-19 protective measures are in place for in-person training. Masks are available, and chairs are located in between each workout mat to ensure everyone remains socially distanced. If you are not quite ready to hit the gym in-person, virtual classes are also available. Visit their Instagram page @80_20fitness to preview some of their workouts!




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Sade Meeks, MS, RD
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