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Nashville Physical Therapy and Performance

Sade Meeks, MS, RD


How are you movin’? Did you go on a nature walk today, practice virtual yoga with CoryRead more


Local Kombucha

One out of two times, I ask that question I get that answer. The other half of the time, I get an enthusiastic “Yes!” from a Nashville hipster who loves kombucha, especially kombucha on tap locally.Read more


Healthy Aging & Pilates

This morning, you woke up another day older, let’s celebrate! Though some of us have our different reservations about getting older, I love how Betty Freidan described aging - “Aging is not ‘lost youth,’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”Read more


Growing Season

What’s your favorite season? I mean, when it comes to food? Mango Season has to be among my favorites. Read more


Bare yourself for This: The Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Do you ever walk barefoot? Growing up in the South, bare feet outside the house was perceived as "country,"Read more


Get Moving

Did you know you could get rewarded just for moving in Nashville! I'm talking about a free meal, free round of golf, and a free camping trip, to name a few. It is all possible through the Tennessee Healthy Parks online tool. Read more


80/20 Fitness

As I pass the blue wall, which is home to the iconic, colorful hot air balloon, I take time for a photo op. I also leap for joy because I know that just a few steps ahead of me is one gym I’ve been longing to visit – that is 80/20...Read more

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