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Imagine wanting to check out this new and trendy restaurant in Nashville, and without a clear guide,

Sade Meeks, MS, RD


Imagine wanting to check out this new and trendy restaurant in Nashville, and without a clear guide, you just hop in the car and start driving. By chance, you may find it, but by a greater chance, you could end up lost. That's just one example, why it is usually a good idea to have a guide to where you are going before you just go! This doesn't only apply to driving; it can apply to our health as well. Many of us have goals to get active or move more; however, the goal can become harder to achieve when we don't have a clear guide on making that happen. If you can relate in some way, I have the answer for you – ViaSana. ViaSana is a virtual matchmaking platform connecting patients to the best physical therapy providers. ViaSana is translated "via" (path or guide) and "sana" (movement). Its literal meaning is a direct reflection of the ViaSana's goal – which is to help you get on a path to health by connecting you to experts in movement.

Physical therapists (PT) are movement experts and healthcare professionals who use evidence-based practices and education to improve pain, manage injury, and maximize various health outcomes. They are the literal movers and shakers in healthcare because they improve the way you move. People everywhere move, so in that sense, many of us can benefit from a PT. However, finding the right Physical Therapist can be a little like dating, meaning compatibility matters! If the physical therapist doesn't fully understand the patient's needs/goals and lacks general compatibility, it could impact the patient's health outcomes and motivation. In fact, research shows that only 30% of patients prescribed outpatient physical therapy attend all treatment sessions. ViaSana figured that part of the problem could be rooted in compatibility.

As part of the solution, ViaSana uses its platform to make finding the right Physical Therapist possible! They start with a Free Psychology based survey that will match you with a therapist that specializes in your needs and preferences. Once matched with your licensed and board-certified Physical Therapist, you can start your path to better health in a way that most comfortable and convenient for you. Because the platform is virtual, your Physical Therapist will be accessible via phone, tablet, or computer.

ViaSana not only guides the patient to better health, but they are also on a mission to continually advocate for physical therapists as well. Research shows that 50% of PTs consider a career change in the next five years due to poor work-life balance. ViaSana wants to help reverse that by giving PTs a tool to help them reclaim their time, expand care capacity, and improve patient fulfillment.

This company is one that takes its values beyond the app and the business. They are movers and shakers within the community, hoping to make an impact all around them. One way they do so is through their online publication MoveNasvhille. MoveNashville focuses on Movement, Community, Mindfulness, and Nutrition as paths to better health as well. Through storytelling and personable interviews with local Nashville health experts and influencers, they hope to inspire the community to improve their health and keep movin'.

Additionally, ViaSana is currently part of the Nashville EC Project Healthcare, a yearlong program dedicated to connecting, supporting, and coaching health care entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate their startup.

Project Healthcare is bringing together healthcare, technology, and business leaders to nurture startups building the future of healthcare.

They are committed to growing the platform to drive transformation within the healthcare industry.

Don't get lost on your path to better health. Check out ViaSana today!



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Sade Meeks, MS, RD
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