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Urbn Fitness

Urban Fitness is a great east Nashville Crossfit Box!

Sade Meeks, MS, RD


Can you remember the first time you ever set foot in a gym? My first time went something like this: My eyes met marathon trainers going full speed on the treadmill, guys were huddled at the squat racks, and I heard heavyweights hit the floor mat. I then became full of even more anxiety. But I had made it that far, so I could not turn back. The only problem was, I did not know where to begin. And when I did begin, I felt judged for misusing the equipment.

Am I the only one who has been there before?

Thankfully, all of those insecurities, anxieties, and reluctance that could accompany a new gym visit go out the window at URBN fitness. URBN Fitness is a new and trendy gym located in East Nashville. Urban Fitness was once your local CrossFit gym, but it has since evolved! High-Intensity CrossFit workouts aren't for everyone, so Urbn Fitness coaches are proud to have created goal-focused workouts that are energetic, fun, and dynamic in movement pairings. You can experience one of these workouts in one of URBN Fitness' core group classes.

The coaches also develop personal programs for clients interested in more specific coaching and training. An "In Body" machine is used to capture lean body mass, body fat percentage, BMR, and intra and extracellular hydration levels to develop specific client lifestyle guidelines. The coaches would rather “assess and not guess” about what each client needs to reach their particular goals.

Speaking of the coaches, URBN Fitness comes to life through the leadership of dedicated and passionate coaches, so let's meet them!

Brandon Koechlin practices what he preaches and will help you balance life and fitness. His mission is to present fitness to you for its life-changing abilities. Fitness has changed his life, and he is confident it will change yours too. His motto is #MoveWellFirst

Celia Stefanini loves to have fun while moving with a great workout and encourages everyone who steps foot into Urbn Fitness to do the same. She helps you find fulfillment and freedom through workouts. She believes you can fulfill that craving for health and strength through movement.

Kyle Lampi "Lampsauce" brings some extra musicality to the group. You can find him practicing his handstands or working on music in the studio outside of the gym. He has a strong background in sports, CrossFit, and weightlifting.

All the coaches are dedicated to helping you "feel your best and look good naked"!

Now imagine an Urbn Fitness Gym experience. You walk through the gym doors of Urbn Fitness, and you’re greeted by a crew member in the new lobby. As a spectator in the lobby, you would see ahead of you Nashville locals enjoying an energetic group workout, thanks to the lively coaches and the music from the new surround sound! - That sounds way better than my first-time gym experience!

Are you ready to check it out for yourself? Good news, Urbn is currently offering Free trial classes so that you can start movin' at no cost! Also, there is no commitment to join, it’s month to month.

Visit their website for more information. Let's start movin'!




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Sade Meeks, MS, RD
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